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Over the years email has become less reliable - largely as a result of the growing problem of spam. It is almost impossible to know what happens to your sent messages after leaving your outbox.   Not anymore!    We have the solution...

DidUGetMyEmail is a hosted outgoing SMTP email service, engineered to mitigate the problems of unreliability in today's email. Built for people that depend on email - by people that depend on email - DidUGetMyEmail enables you to track email messages from your outbox to the recipient's inbox. With DidUGetMyEmail, there are no more mysteries after you click send.

DidUGetMyEmail works with all standard mail clients (e.g. Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc.), and easily replaces your existing outgoing SMTP mail server with a simple configuration change in your mail client. We also offer a post-fix solution for sending your email through our servers - without changing your email configuration. You can now enjoy all of our features, while still keeping your web-based mail server like Yahoo or Gmail, etc...
Keep using the same email Program
You don't have to switch.
Just point your outgoing SMTP in your Email program to our servers. Or use our "PassThru" feature in your favorite web-based mail programs. We will show you how - it's very easy!
Do you want more reliability?
Greater reliability and higher successful delivery rates. Our mail servers are not used to send spam, and we adhere to industry recognized best-practices for email spam filters and more likely to be delivered.
Messages sent through DidUGetMyEmail are less likely to be filtered by spam filters and more likely to be delivered.
Want to know when they read it?
Access to real-time delivery status of sent messages. Know instantly when recipients' mail servers have accepted delivery of your messages, or if message delivery was unsuccessful or deferred.

Opened Message Alerts. Receive alerts when sent messages have been opened by recipients.

Document Delivery Confirmation. Like "certified mail for email" - this feature requires recipients to confirm receipt of important documents (such as invoices, important letters, legal documents, etc)
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